~ Meeting Reminder ~ Saturday, January 13 - 8:00 a.m.         

Hi members,              

I'm afraid I can't report regarding last month, as I was unable to attend.  I am aware that IDN Hoffman was represented with some product info, and Roger Ensley provided information on Alarm Controls.

This month, we will talk basics on interchangeable cores.  We will cover the important details that are necessary to understand in order to service the popular types of IC's.

I also want to mention that I spoke with former member Don Frith a few days ago.  Heath issues are forcing him to sell some of his equipment.  He has not provided me with a list, but when he does, I will include it with my monthly message.  I do know that he has some scopes for sale at the moment, but should have much more at a later date.  Don works exclusively with safes.

Even though it has turned cold and nasty, I believe the weather will cooperate with us this Saturday.

Come for the fellowship and education.  I hope to see everyone there.                        

Greg Brandt


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