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 ~ Meeting Reminder ~
Saturday, June 11 - 8:00

HI Members,

It's meeting time! 

If you missed last month's meeting, you missed our old friend Tom Vinck.  He had information on Dorma, which was recently acquired by Kaba.  He also demoed an integrated fire door by an new company, Syntegra.  It is a very interesting concept, and seems to be the best solution out there for integrated doors.  If you need information on Syntergra, their web site or you can contact Tom and AMG & Associates.

Now this Saturday, we will have a special presentation by Roger Ensley and Vince Blair who are fresh back from an Allegion class.  The presentation will be Preparing For Fire Door Inspections, and this is emerging as a very important matter due to the impending changes in fire codes.  They should have a power point presentation that will be part of the class.  If you service commercial hardware in any way, you will need to know what is happening, and this is one way to do it.  

Don Brownback has notified me he will be bringing quite a few old key blanks, miscellaneous parts and hardware to sell at this meeting.

Come for breakfast, fellowship and deals on lock parts.  I hope to see everyone there.
Greg Brandt
 Our Meetings are held at
The American Inn  
1211 Armour Road 
Kansas City, Mo 64064  


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