SECTION 1. Qualifications. Any individual who is actively engaged in servicing or installing locks
or safes or is a student of a recognized resident or correspondence school or is participating in a
supervised apprenticeship program is eligible for membership in MKLA provided he/she can meet the
requirement set forth in the current “Application for Membership,” submits a properly prepared
“Application for Membership,” and is approved by a two-thirds vote of the Active members present
at a regular membership meeting when that application is presented to the membership. In the event an Application for membership is denied, the application cannot be resubmitted for a period of twelve months, at which time the process for consideration of the application will be once again repeated as described herein.
SECTION 2. Classifications. The membership of MKLA shall consist of the following classifications:
A. Active. Active members shall be those individuals that are engaged in installing and
servicing security hardware. Active members shall be accorded all rights, privileges, and obligations
of MKLA membership.
B. Associate. Associate membership is available to those manufacturing and/or companies
engaged in supplying material, equipment, or services to the locksmith, security, and/or safe industry
or profession.
C. Life. Life membership may be awarded to any MKLA member who is no longer actively
engaged in the trade and who has made significant contributions to MKLA and the craft. Life
membership shall be awarded upon recommendation of the Executive Board and a two-thirds vote
of the membership at a regular meeting.

Applications for membership shall be submitted according to the directions contained on the latest edition of the application. After the Sergeant At Arms has verified that the application is complete, it will be presented to the Executive board. At the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting the Sergeant At Arms will escort the applicant from the meeting place so that the application can be discussed and a vote taken. The application shall then be presented to the membership, along with the Executive Board’s recommendations, for approval or rejection by the membership.
SECTION 4. Membership in MKLA is an individual matter and does not apply to an entire company,
except as indicated in Article III, Section 5, and cannot be transferred or assigned.
SECTION 5. Associate membership applies to the entire company or organization. Use of the
MKLA emblem/logo and/or name must be accompanied by the words “Associate Member” and when
used in advertising material, they must be directed primarily at the locksmith industry rather than the
general public. A member may use the MKLA Logo to promote his/her individual business. If a member is employed by a company, the membership does NOT allow the company to use the MKLA Logo for advertising. If a business wishes to use the MKLA Logo in it’s advertising, one or more of the principal officers or owners must be a current member of MKLA.
SECTION 6. The membership roster of MKLA shall not be distributed, loaned, or sold to other than
MKLA members, the Associated Locksmiths of America, Inc. (ALOA), or surrounding locksmith