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Saturday, March 11 - 8:00 a.m.
It's meeting time!
Did you know there is a small fairly inexpensive Bluetooth module you can connect to essentially any electrified lock to function with your smart phone?  We saw it at the February meeting. Also, of interest to me, Shane with IDN also presented several products including a latch for their D660 series that looks identical to the Schlage B250 latch for a fraction of the cost.  He also had new jimmy proof locks and other LSDA items.  I learned quite a bit at the last meeting.
Now for our March meeting, come and meet the "new guy."  Mike Peterson is the new rep for Master Lock.  I know we have had Master recently, but there are product changes and new products of interest.   There is a new lever, new Magnum commercial locks, and the light up lock box.  Mike tells me he will have some door prizes which I believe will include a Bluetooth padlock, sample board and some Magnum padlocks.

4-SALE: Don Brownback will be bringing more locks and merchandise to sell.

I received a call from Julie Brooks who is liquidating a relative's locksmith equipment.  She can be reached at 913-856-4433 or 913-660-5698. I have inserted some pictures below.


Looking at the photos, it is evident the equipment is mostly automotive related.  I see a Curtis 14 and 15 clipper, a small duplicator, several code books and manuals, and various key blanks including a small key carasouel.  I see some parts and car opening tools and a steel drawer unit.

Upcoming in April, we are still looking at the Compex rep returning after the weather cancellation in January.

Come for the breakfast, fellowship, and education.

Greg Brandt

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