As approved and amended through September ,2009



SECTION 1. The name of the organization shall be the Missouri-Kansas Locksmith Association,

Inc., hereafter referred to as “MKLA.”

SECTION 2. The emblem of the MKLA shall be a diamond, having its vertical axis approximately

two-thirds the length of its horizontal axis, bordered by a concentric diamond. The border formed

by the two diamonds shall encase the words, “Missouri-Kansas Locksmith Association, Inc.” In the

central space enclosed by the smaller diamond shall be a heart overprinted with a cylinder key in the

vertical position and both overlaid by the letters “MKLA.”


SECTION 1. MKLA is an association of locksmiths whose purpose and object is to encourage, promote, aid in, and effect the voluntary interchange among the membership of data, information, experience, ideas, knowledge, methods, and techniques relating to the field of locksmithing.

SECTION 2. All members pledge to conduct themselves in a dignified manner, to avoid using any

improper or questionable methods of soliciting professional work, and to decline patronage.

Members further pledge to promote public welfare, always ready to apply their special knowledge,

skill and training for the use and betterment of the craft. Members further pledge never to

purposefully reduce the security of an item of security hardware or violate the integrity of a locking

or security system. Members further pledge to maintain the highest possible level of education

regarding the proper service of the locking and security systems they service and install, as well as

the laws and ordinances affecting their work.


SECTION 1. Qualifications. Any individual who is actively engaged in servicing or installing locks

or safes or is a student of a recognized resident or correspondence school or is participating in a

supervised apprenticeship program is eligible for membership in MKLA provided he/she can meet the

requirement set forth in the current “Application for Membership,” submits a properly prepared

Application for Membership,” and is approved by a two-thirds vote of the Active members present

at a regular membership meeting when that application is presented to the membership. In the event an Application for membership is denied, the application cannot be resubmitted for a period of twelve months, at which time the process for consideration of the application will be once again repeated as described herein.

SECTION 2. Classifications. The membership of MKLA shall consist of the following classifications:

A. Active. Active members shall be those individuals that are engaged in installing and

servicing security hardware. Active members shall be accorded all rights, privileges, and obligations

of MKLA membership.

B. Associate. Associate membership is available to those manufacturing and/or companies

engaged in supplying material, equipment, or services to the locksmith, security, and/or safe industry

or profession.

C. Life. Life membership may be awarded to any MKLA member who is no longer actively

engaged in the trade and who has made significant contributions to MKLA and the craft. Life

membership shall be awarded upon recommendation of the Executive Board and a two-thirds vote

of the membership at a regular meeting.



Applications for membership shall be submitted according to the directions contained on the latest edition of the application. After the Sergeant At Arms has verified that the application is complete, it will be presented to the Executive board. At the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting the Sergeant At Arms will escort the applicant from the meeting place so that the application can be discussed and a vote taken. The application shall then be presented to the membership, along with the Executive Board’s recommendations, for approval or rejection by the membership.

SECTION 4. Membership in MKLA is an individual matter and does not apply to an entire company,

except as indicated in Article III, Section 5, and cannot be transferred or assigned.

SECTION 5. Associate membership applies to the entire company or organization. Use of the

MKLA emblem/logo and/or name must be accompanied by the words “Associate Member” and when

used in advertising material, they must be directed primarily at the locksmith industry rather than the

general public. A member may use the MKLA Logo to promote his/her individual business. If a member is employed by a company, the membership does NOT allow the company to use the MKLA Logo for advertising. If a business wishes to use the MKLA Logo in it’s advertising, one or more of the principal officers or owners must be a current member of MKLA.

SECTION 6. The membership roster of MKLA shall not be distributed, loaned, or sold to other than

MKLA members, the Associated Locksmiths of America, Inc. (ALOA), or surrounding locksmith


SECTION 7. Delinquency, reinstatement, and removal.

A. Any member in arrears over sixty days in dues payments shall be considered delinquent and

dropped from the rolls.

B. Delinquent members may be reinstated by full payment of the arrears amount within one

year from the due date.

C. Removal. Any member of MKLA may be removed from MKLA by a two-thirds vote of

the Active and life members present at a regular meeting after a grievance has been filed against that

member, and the Grievance Committee has given a report of its findings and recommendations in the

matter as outlined in Article VI, Section 2. The recommendation of the Grievance Committee is not

binding and may be rejected or accepted by the members. In the event of a vote for removal, no

refund of prepaid or unused dues and/or fees shall be made.




SECTION 1. The officers of MKLA shall consist of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a

Treasurer, a Sergeant at Arms and a Website Administrator, all of whom shall be selected as set forth in

Article V, except for the Website Administrator, who shall be appointed by the President.

SECTION 2. The elected officers of MKLA shall serve a term of one year. A maximum of four

consecutive years may be served in any office.

SECTION 3. The immediate past President of MKLA and two Active members shall comprise the


SECTION 4. The elected or appointed officers and Trustees shall comprise the Executive Board,

hereafter referred to as the “Board.”:

SECTION 5. Duties.

A. The President shall preside over all regular, special, and board meetings. He/she shall

perform all other duties incident to the office and guide MKLA so as to increase its usefulness to the


B. The Vice President shall be responsible for arranging the program at each regular meeting

and shall assist the President as requested. He/She shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence.


C. The Secretary shall be responsible for recording the minutes of all regular, special and

Board meetings. He/she shall also maintain all correspondence for MKLA as directed by the

President to include sending annual dues notices in September of each year and maintaining and

supplying the Website Administrator, a current membership roll.

D. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of all monies due MKLA,

disbursement of all approved funds, maintenance of financial records, monthly financial report to the

members, and assist in the preparation of the Annual Report. The Treasurer will make available a change fund for the purpose of selling MKLA Logo items at our regularly scheduled meetings to our attending members. The treasurer will be responsible for the accounting of said funds. Disbursement of all funds shall require the signature of two elected officers. The Treasurer shall also assist the Secretary in the maintenance of the membership roll by providing timely notice of the receipt of dues.

E. The Sergeant At Arms shall maintain a current inventory of MKLA property to include MKLA logo imprinted items. He/She will be responsible to make these items available for sale at every regularly scheduled meeting of MKLA. He/she shall also otherwise assist the President as needed and as outlined in Article III,

F. The Trustees shall advise and assist the MKLA officers, drawing on their experience.

SECTION 6. Vacancies.

Any officer absent three consecutive meetings without notifying a Board

member, shall be considered to have vacated that position. The President may, with a two-thirds vote

of the Board, appoint a replacement to fill the unexpired term.




SECTION 1. Nominating Committee. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee at the

July meeting prior to a scheduled election. It shall consist of the Vice President, who shall serve as

chairperson, and three or five Active members. The committee shall nominate one person to each elected position and report their nominations to the Officers and Members, at the August meeting. After the report of the Nominating Committee, nominations

for each position shall be opened to the members.

SECTION 2. Election. The chairman of the Nominating Committee shall furnish to the Website Administrator a list of all nominees for each elected position in ample time to be Published in the Members Area on the web site no later than September 1st. The Secretary shall be responsible for printing a sufficient number of ballots listing the Nominees for each position along with adequate space for one write-in nominee for each position. The election of officers shall be at the regular September business meeting. The Sergeant at Arms will distribute a ballot to each member eligible to vote. Ballots will be collected and the

President shall direct the counting of the ballots with the tally being announced during the meeting.

In the event of a tie vote, the outcome shall be decided by a coin toss conducted by the President.

SECTION 3. Installation. The duly elected officers and new Trustees shall be installed in October at a special function or at the regular meeting.



MKLA Installation & Oath Of Office


Call the newly elected officers forward and have them face the group.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is the time of year when the Missouri – Kansas Locksmith Asociation takes a new direction as we install our new officers. This is a very important time.

The individuals before you will shortly be making a commitment of service to the Association.

Let us be reminded of the goals and purpose of the Association;

  • To Encourage our membership.

  • To promote the voluntary interchange of ideas.

  • And To share the knowledge and techniques relating to our craft.

As we witness the induction of our new officers, we should not forget that it is not just these newly elected officers, but the whole membership that will define the character of our Association.

Therefore, along with the formal pledge by those that will lead us, let the whole membership inwardly commit to contribute when possible to the Association so that all can benefit for the betterment of the industry.

That being said, Will the electees please raise your right hands:

Do each of you, promise to fulfill the obligations and duties of the offices for which you were elected, will you support the Missouri – Kansas Locksmith Association and will you discharged the duties of your position to the best of your abilities? If you are willing to accept these responsibilities, please say “ I will.”

Thank you and Congratulations.

Shake each officers hand and say thank you.


SECTION 1. In addition to those listed elsewhere in this article, the President shall appoint any and

all necessary committees for the good of MKLA.

SECTION 2. Grievance Committee. Any member having a grievance against any other member shall

make that grievance known to any member of the Board. That Board member shall make the

substance of the grievance known to the President at the next meeting of the Board. The President

at that time shall appoint a Grievance Committee of three to five Active members who have no

personal interest in the party or parties involved to investigate the matter. The chairperson of the

Grievance Committee shall report the findings and recommendations of the committee at the next

regular meeting, where the membership may choose to act in favor of the committee’s

recommendation, another course of action, or not to act. In any case, the report of the Grievance

Committee to the members shall dissolve the committee with regard to that grievance. In the event

the committee is not ready to make a recommendation at the next regular meeting, the chairperson

shall inform the Board of the substance of the investigation and reason for delaying the committee’s


In the event the member making the original grievance feels the matter has been corrected to his/her

satisfaction or otherwise wishes to withdraw the grievance, he/she shall so inform the President before

the committee’s report is to be given. In the event the grievance involves the President, the Vice

President shall act in place of the President in all matters involving the grievance.




 SECTION 1.  The frequency of Association meetings, along with the scheduled location and time for such meetings, shall be determined by the membership.  Changes to the schedule may be made at any regular meeting through a motion approved by the members in attendance. 
Once a schedule for meetings is approved, that schedule shall remain in effect on an ongoing basis, until such time as a new schedule is approved by a subsequent vote of the membership.  Any proposed schedule change cannot become effective for at least 60 days to allow for adequate notice to the membership.
The date, time, and location of all meetings shall be prominently posted on the MKLA website.
Additional meetings may be held as noted in Article VII, Section 2. 
At the discretion of the Board, meetings may be cancelled at any time due to inclement weather, or due to other unusual circumstances that may arise.  Every effort will be made to notify the membership of the cancellation.
Regularly Scheduled meetings are for MKLA Members Only. Members may invite guests to attend with them. All guests must be accompanied and attended by a current member. Anyone who is not a current member of MKLA and is present at a regularly scheduled or special meeting of the MKLA Association may be required to leave if they are not invited as a guest of a current member.
SECTION 2. Special seminars, meetings, banquets or other functions may be held in addition to the regular meeting at dates and times other than set forth in Section 1, above. Notice of these events shall be provided on a timely basis in the MKLA Website.
The Vice President may, from time to time, ask the membership to approve a temporary change to the schedule.  Such a request would be made in order to align the monthly meeting with a special educational opportunity not otherwise available to the members.

SECTION 3. A minimum of ten Active members may request the President to call a special meeting

to consider a specific issue. The Secretary shall mail or E-Mail a notice of this meeting to all members not less than ten days prior to its call.

SECTION 4. Board meeting. The President shall call as many Board meetings as is necessary, but not less than one per year. All members shall be welcome at the Board meetings, but their input is subject to the request of the President.



SECTION 1. The MKLA Website shall be the official publication of MKLA.

SECTION 2. The President shall appoint a Website Administrator who shall be responsible for publishing, all information in the MKLA Website. The Website Editor shall at all times be vigilant in assuring that the information published on the MKLA Website is Truthful, Helpful to our membership and guests, Not slanderous, Updated and current and always under the direction of the MKLA President.)



Annual dues for each member, due and payable October 1 of each year shall be:

Active $ 40.00

Associate member $70.00

Life member No charge



All new Active Members will pay the full annual dues amount to join MKLA. In order to prorate the dues owed, the second years due will be charged at the following rates.


If you joined MKLA as an Active Member in;

  • October, November or December – you will pay $40.00 to renew October 1st. the next year.

  • January, February or March – you will pay $30.00 to renew October 1st. the next year.

  • April, May or June – you will pay $20.00 to renew October 1st. the next year.

  • July, August or September – you will pay $10.00 to renew October 1st. the next year.



The bylaws of MKLA may be amended in whole or part by a two-thirds vote of the members present

at any meeting. All proposed amendments must:

A. Be read at the regular meeting prior to the regular meeting at which they are to be voted


B. Be published in the members section of the MKLA Website announcing the regular meeting at which they are to be voted on.



At all regular meetings, the order of business shall be as follows:

A. The pledge of allegiance to the flag.

B. Recognition of guests present.

C. Reading and correction of the minutes of the previous regular meeting.

D. Reading and correction of the minutes of any special meeting(s) taking place after the last

regular meeting.

E. Reading and correction of the Treasurer’s report.

F. Report of the President.

G. Secretary shall present new correspondence

H. Report of the committees.

I. Unfinished business.

J. Elections and/or membership applications.

K. New business.

L. Technical tip or tricks.

M. Program (in special instances, the program may be moved to the first item of business).



SECTION 1. All questions of interpretation or construction of these bylaws shall be decided by a

majority vote of the Board, subject to review by MKLA’s attorney.

SECTION 2. The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised

shall govern MKLA.